About Us

Eco-friendly—it’s because our fragile earth needs to be changed and protected by us. One-time disposable tableware, a major source of solid pollutants, needs our collaborative effort to solve its pollution problems. By using biodegradable tableware from now on, is just a more eco-friendly solution to the problem, in which the products can be returned back tonature in a zero-pollution form.

PUREARTH is a company that is dedicated to developing and producing environmentally friendly products that meet our customer’s needs and expectations whilst promoting good stewardship of our home, the Earth. We are a company that aims to use renewable, natural agricultural waste as a raw material resource to replace non-biodegradable inputs at a reasonable and justifiable cost. Our products meet all of the highest quality standards in the industry, as measured by technical and hygienic standards globally.

OUR EARTH FRIENDLY PRODUCTS are 100% bio-degradable and 100% compostable as we focus on using bamboo and sugar cane fibres as a raw material, which was previously considered as waste but is now widely regarded as an unused or misallocated natural resource.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGE of our products being that when you are finished using them they can be disposed of in the same way as normal household rubbish as they will bio-degrade naturally in landfills. Alternatively, they can be composted in your backyard or other sites, where they will return to their natural state.